Portishead Taekwon-Do
Welcome to Portishead Taekwon-Do school. At Portishead Taekwon-Do, I offer the highest quality tuition for children aged 7+ to adults of any age. Whatever your targets are, we have classes that will help you realise your full potential, both within Taekwon-Do Martial Arts and in life. Whether you want to increase your fitness, become more flexible, improve confidence, learn self defence skills or just enjoy the social side of our school, Portishead Taekwon-Do can help you achieve your goals. First 2 lessons are free to try this exciting Martial Art for yourself. I have dedicated programmes that are tailored to specific age groups, ensuring that the classes are relevant and enjoyable. Start your journey to blackbelt now. Marc Hollier 4th Dan Instructor

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